How to get the Uzbekistan visa in Istanbul

Some basic informations and how to do step by step in details the Uzbek visa at the embassy of Istanbul in Turkey, without paying any agency or travel agents: documents, prices, invitation letter and where to go in few and easy steps.

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Obtaining a Uzbekistan visa, through the embassy in Istanbul, can be pretty easy if you follow the required steps, however you also need to be patient as you might have to deal with not really helpful staff.
The small office is located at 8 Lale Sokak, Levent Caddesi. Be aware that this address has not been updated on google maps and on their official website yet. It’s on a small street, 5 minutes walking from the Levent metro station, on the M2 line, just few stop to the north side of Taksim.

The small office is not immediately recognizable, hidden between a residential street, the gate isalways locked and there is a guard-man who will point the direction (he clearly doesnt speak any English).

If you need to apply or pick up your visa, get there between 10am and 12noon, Monday to Friday. For both the application and the pick up you will need your passport, I heard that if you have a LOI (invitation letter, ndr), you can get your visa on the same day.

The process is quite simple:
Firstly fill up the application form online at with your personal data;
After, print the generated form by the system, with your ID code, attach a single passport picture and bring with you a copy of your main passport page.

Once you have filled in and printed the application you can head to 8 Lale Sokak, Levent Caddesi and give all the paperworks to the embassy staff: for several countries, Italy for example, the LOI is not mandatory, however, if you would like to get things done quicker you should get one.
Without the invitation letter you must wait aprox 10 working days (to be honest, I just had to wait a week) instead with the letter you get it all done within few hours.

On the same webpage, you can check the application visa status, very useful for who has no LOI or for who can’t get the visa on the same day: simply enter the ID of your passport and if you will get back from the server your data details, after you have clicked on “OK” on the “check visa status” page, mean that your visa is finally ready! Otherwise, you will get back a message like “there are no informations available at this moment”.

What kind of visas I can get to visit Uzbekistan?

As tourists, we can get a single entry visa, multiple entry visa and a transit one.
Currently, as I was applying in Istanbul, the types of visa were:

- 7 days single entry US $ 60;
- 15 days single entry US $ 70;
- 30 days single entry US $ 80;
- 3 months single entry visa US $ 100;
- 6 months single entry visa US $ 140;
- 1 year single entry visa US $ 160;

- 6 months multi entry visa US $ 170;
- 1 year multi entry visa US $ 270;

- 72 hours single transit visa US $ 60;
- 72 hours double entry visa US $ 70.

You can also get a group visa (10+ people) and some others types.

Very important to know that you pay for the visa when you collect it (take with you, of course, your original passport). The payment will be made in a bank office (AK BANK, close to the embassy) and has to be payed in US DOLLARS and NOT in TURKISH LIRA, the bank charges an additional $3 commission.

Some more useful information about

- If you encounter any problems with the application or don’t have a digital device to make the online application, there is an unofficial office within walking distance (take a look on the available pics) with very friendly staff that would take care of the visa for a small fee, between 10 to 15 TL, depending on your nationality/passport they may accept even 5 TL.
Around that area, there are no internet cafe’s but there is a McDonald’s with free wifi available on the main street, the same street you take after you get out from the Levent metro stations.

- Remember: you will pay in dollars, at AK BANK, when you will be collecting the visa, adding 3$ extra for the bank commission;

- If you need to rush, go to the embassy with a valid LOI (which is not free, it costs aprox double price than applying the ‘regular way’;

- You can also obtain the VISA ON ARRIVAL, this is just for certain passports, only if you fly to Tashkent airport (if you travel by land, FORGET the visa on arrival), IF you are carrying the LOI and if in your country there is an Uzbekistan embassy.

- Least but not last, if you are interested to visit some other countries of the “stan” area, especially the “hard” one -Turkmenistan-, holding some other visas like the Uzbekistan one would be better, because usually, the Turkmenistan embassy seems to reject the application from the trailers that want to get in the country. With this, you will more probably be able to get a 3 up to maximum 5 days transit visa (for a touristic one you need to travel with an official guide).
At the moment of the application for the Turkmen transit visa, it will be better to scan and prove that you are also holding the other visa. This way you can demonstrate why you need a transit visa to cross into Uzbekistan and that you have no interest to stay illegally in Turkmenistan, especially if you are traveling as I’m trying to do, without flying (with, of course, a quick look around 2-3 most well-knower cities of the “hidden country” of the central Asia), why not?

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